The main priority is the care of the animals including feed, hay, veterinary/farrier/dental expenses, equipment, and fence repair.

Another priority is facility improvements for quality patient experiences.

Some of the average costs for each horse include..

  • $20 Bag of Grain
  • $50 Farrier Service
  • $50 Large Round Bale of Hay

Sponsor a Horse:


When you sponsor a horse, you commit to supporting that horse by covering the basic costs of feed and hay, vaccines and worming, farrier (blacksmith), and tack (bridle, saddle, other equipment). Your donation is tax-deductible and is also a wonderful gift giving opportunity for a child or spouse.

You will receive:

  • A photograph of your horse
  • Certificate of sponsorship
  • Invitations to Sponsor Program events such as a cowboy breakfast
  • Updates on Taking the Lead, Inc.

Full Adoption

$50/month, $150/quarterly, or $600/year

Select your horse (if you have no preference the we will select a horse for you). Your donation will cover food, basic veterinary care, farrier, and grooming.

Partial Adoption

$25/month, $75/quarterly, or $300/year

You will share your horse with another person and together your donations will be used toward your horse’s food, veterinary care and grooming for a year.

Special Gifts/Donations

If you are unable to adopt a horse but would still like to give, we also accept one time gifts of any amount, or donations of equipment, tack, and equine items. Feel free to contact us at or 443-690-1176.