“First time here and I have to say all these gals and guys were great! They were so caring and knowledgeable and you can tell they all have a heart of gold for helping others succeed!”

Caretaker of a Hippotherapy Client with Cerebral Palsy
“Chelsea is a great trainer of all animals and has a heart for people! Her therapeutic riding program at River Valley Ranch was great. Now she is on her own with wonderful year-round facilities on a beautiful farm. If you or your children have ever dreamed of being on a horse, but didn’t think it was possible because of a disability, you owe it to yourself to check this out! Make your dreams come true with Chelsea at Timberbrook Farm!”

Board Member

“To get [kids] out of an office setting and get them into an environment especially where you can interact with animals is just lovely I have seen not only physical growth, but they have definitely improved in their confidence.”

Parent of Hippotherapy Clients with Joint Hypermobility
“Our son’s anxiety and negative behaviors have decreased by at least 50% which gives our family opportunities never before enjoyed by reducing everyone’s stress. Consistent work with Chelsea and Wrangler has given us the confidence to go places and attend social events we would not have attempted before.”

Parent of a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Client
“My daughter has autism and is visually impaired, and we weren’t sure horseback riding was a possibility for her … until we met Chelsea. No one has ever connected with my daughter so quickly. The entire team is supportive, patient, and compassionate, and the hippotherapy program is really well-organized. We still kind of can’t believe this place exists and feel so lucky to have found it. Highly recommended.”

Mother of a Hippotherapy Client

“People here have an understanding for what their clients need. Chelsea can connect with the animals and her clients, too. Sam has improved his stance, muscle tone, and core strength. His posture has improved. He holds himself better. He stands better. He sits better– all those things that are important when attending to learning. We see good results!”

Parent of a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Client with Autism
“The positive outcomes have been many- Karen’s self esteem, self confidence, and the way she carries herself. The riding is good for her physically and emotionally.”

Parent of a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Client with Down Syndrome

“I could tell Nia was really enjoying herself, which rarely happens in any therapy session. I feel like there is hope now for our Nia to walk on her own someday soon.”

Grandparent of a Hippotherapy Client