Who We Serve

We are excited to announce we have developed and launched a new program specifically designed for current and previous military members. Our Heroes & Horses (H&H) program helps veterans and active-duty military members set and reach goals for self-efficacy and self-actualization in the categories/realms that they deem most important for themselves including mental health, physical health/fitness, education, employment, spirituality, and community involvement.

During this once-in-a-lifetime experience, members partner with one of our magical horses throughout a 10-week session under the supervision of trained equine staff and a licensed and registered occupational therapist. Along with our team, military members work on the ground and on horseback to achieve individualized personal goals for themselves. At the same time, the military members help train their horse partner for their therapy work in our other programs for adults & children with disabilities.


Throughout the course of this 10-week program, groups of up to six military members will learn to train TTL’s horses to reach their full potential as equine therapy partners. By the end of the program, our members build trust, connection, and a working relationship not only with their horse partners, but also with themselves and their peers. While helping our special horses learn to do their jobs better, veterans will:

  •  Find passion & purpose in life
  •  Recognize & alleviate signs of stress
  •  Improve focus & internal motivation
  •  Build organization skills & increase your productivity
  •  Implement a healthy routine for fitness & mental well-being
  •  Set attainable goals to achieve success in personal relationships, education, community & the workplace.


Funding available for qualified veterans and active-duty military members. Those that do not qualify for funding are welcome to pay privately to participate.

  1. Nearly one-third of Veterans who were deployed in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom report symptoms of a mental health condition.
  2. Among the five most common mental illnesses reported by Veterans are Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD.
  3. Women Veterans are particularly vulnerable to suffering from PTSD because of military sexual trauma (MST): some studies suggest that 40% of women experience MST while serving.
  4. According to the United States Government Accountability Office in 2011, additional barriers to veterans receiving necessary mental health treatment include feelings of shame, stigma in receiving mental health services, and the fear of being seen as weak contributes to the severe gap in veterans receiving mental health services.