Who We Serve

In therapeutic horseback riding, clients work under the guidance of an instructor certified by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) to learn how to steer and control a horse effectively as a recreational activity. The goal of therapeutic riding is for the client to learn to ride a horse as independently as possible to experience the joy that comes from making a connection with an animal on horseback.

Both children and adults can participate in therapeutic horseback riding. All clients undergo a thorough evaluation with our lead occupational therapist to ensure that they can safely experience hippotherapy. To make sessions as safe as possible, our facility has a ramp and individuals trained to walk next to clients to assist with balance as needed.


Clients gain confidence in mastering a skill as complex as horseback riding. They feel a sense of achievement in learning to control and guide an animal much larger and stronger than them. Therapeutic riding encourages riders to develop an interest in the outside world, take bigger risks in life, and develop emotional control and self-discipline.


We accept private pay. Insurance companies generally do not cover any recreational activities.